Dan Broughton

Holiday Week Changes

The holiday week changes have been confirmed. We will have Monday morning class, but NOT Monday evening. NO CLASS on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday will remain the same. Thank you guys for your patience and have a great weekend! 21… Read more »

Holiday schedule

Bootcampers, I (Wendy) am going to be out of town the 23rd-26th.  Coach Lauren is going to be in town, but I need to make sure she’s available (because of her Crossfit coaching, as well) to cover the bootcamp classes… Read more »

VA Runner

Bootcampers, As you guys know, we had a few guests from VA Runner a couple Saturdays ago.  It was a lot of fun, and we are going to continue to do this type of community workout with them.  The next… Read more »


DOMS: Delayed onset muscle soreness.  Sounds like something new, but it’s not.  We’ve all experienced it.  DOMS is the normal muscle soreness you feel the day or two after a tough workout.  What is it, though?  Working your muscles past the… Read more »

Partner tuesday!

Today we’re experimenting and learning about a new way to use med balls.  Med balls are so versatile and I suggest you all think about purchasing one for yourself for home workouts.  You can do so much with them, whether… Read more »

Holiday party

CFW is hosting their annual holiday party on the evening of December 21st, from 7-11pm.  Of course, bootcampers are welcome and encouraged to attend!  It will be a great time.  Please sign up on the sheet hanging on the display… Read more »

Task versus time

There are two different ways to program workouts: time priority based workouts, and task priority based workouts.  A task priority workout is done for time, or as fast as you can.  For instance, doing a certain amount of rounds or… Read more »