Dan Broughton


You might wonder from time to time why we do isometric exercises.  First, what is an isometric exercise?  An isometric exercise is any where the joint angle does not move, and force is applied while the muscle doesn’t lengthen or… Read more »

We have guests!

I hope everyone is able to come out for our community event and welcome our guests from VA Runner.  In case you haven’t heard…The VA runners are leaving the store at 7:30, and when they arrive we will start the… Read more »

Turkey Day home workout

As requested by some of you, here is a workout you can do on Thanksgiving at home.  It won’t take too long, and it’ll give your metabolism a boost before the big feast.  Have a great holiday, and be safe.  Hopefully… Read more »


I know I’ve talked about nutrition a lot lately, but there’s something else that is just as important that needs to be addressed…sleep!  Sleep is usually the thing that gets ignored on our to-do lists first, because we tend to think it’s… Read more »

Dr. Tabata

“Tabata” refers to doing an exercise in intervals.  Traditional Tabata work looks like 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 rounds, which is 4 minutes, but it can be any interval length that you want that serves the same purpose.  It’s… Read more »

Special event

Bootcampers!  Next Saturday, November 30th, we will be having a special event for bootcamp.  A group of runners from the VA Runner store down the road will be running to our track and joining us for bootcamp.  Now, it would… Read more »


When it comes to nutrition, I am completely against the word “diet,” and against the mindset of “dieting.”  Diets represent a temporary fix to a long term problem.  If one is overweight and desires to lose weight, it’s been their… Read more »

Team work

Check out the Thursday night crew killing it outside.. in the dark.. in the cold!  While the Crossfitters were inside all snug and warm, the bootcampers were outside on one of the first FREEZING nights of the year!  No complaints,… Read more »

Keep it in the family

In the above picture, you see Gretchen and her two sons working on planks.  I think it’s important for families to incorporate health and fitness into their normal routines.  Kids see their moms and dads exercising, eating healthy, and they’ll… Read more »