Dan Broughton

MLK day

Hey guys!  The gym is on holiday hours today.  So we are only having the morning bootcamp class.  11:30am.  Enjoy the holiday, and remember what it’s all about…a great man who’s legacy will continue forever. AMRAP in 15 5 ring… Read more »


Check out Gretchen in the picture above getting up the rope like it’s nothing!!  Way to go, Gretchen.  That was one of her personal goals coming into bootcamp and she did it!! Anyway, we all know water is crucial to… Read more »

Team tuesday

Since we have so many new boot campers starting recently, team tuesdays should become   even more fun! 14 January 2014 Teams of 2-4 Round robin: 3 rounds of 1 minute at each station Wall balls DB push press Mountain… Read more »


The biggest thing I notice that gets ignored in our day to day busy lives is sleep and rest.  Especially in this transient area that we live in, we get so busy and wrapped up in what we have to… Read more »

Rain is a good thing…?

Weather permitting, we’re going to be outside today, so dress appropriately! If it’s icky outside, we will make some room inside! 11 January 2014 8 rounds: 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest Jumping squats HR push ups Jumping… Read more »

Support each other

The other night before bootcamp started,  we had a new bootcamper in attendance.  It slipped my mind to introduce one of our veterans to the newbie.  I walked away to grab a stop watch and came back and saw them… Read more »

Let’s try some kipping

Have you guys been practicing, or at least learning about, kipping pull ups?  I posted a video a few posts back about kipping pull ups.  Please watch it if you haven’t already, and let’s try it today. 7 December 2013… Read more »