Woodbridge Barbell

**This club meets every Monday and Wednesday 5PM-7PM and every Saturday 8AM-10AM. Please contact us with interest and pricing info! info@crossfitwoodbridge.com

WHAT IS Woodbridge Barbell?

The Woodbridge Barbell Club is a USAW sanctioned barbell club and coached by certified USAW Olympic lifting coaches. Our club meets three times a week and is specifically tailored to assist athletes looking for technique improvement with both their snatch and clean and jerk. The goal of our club is to create a positive environment where we focus on technique, overall strength and developing explosive power for athletes at all levels.


The Woodbridge Barbell Club prides itself on developing a training program that emphasizes foundational movements to complete the classic lifts. Training the Olympic lifts will increase an athletes overall speed, power, performance and is designed to help both CrossFit athletes looking to improve their workouts and competitive Olympic lifters aspiring to compete on the platform. 

**Additional one-on-one coaching, competitive individual programming and/or meet coaching information is available on request.