About Our Gym and Facility

Having been established in 2009, CrossFit Woodbridge is the FIRST and most experienced CrossFit gym in all of Prince William County.  We strongly believe in living the lifestyle we promote and that is why our team of Coaches are not only CrossFit certified, but are also avid CrossFitters themselves. The result is an exceptional clientele experience. Our Coaches provide clients with consistent, tangible feedback on their progress and listen to their individual concerns and needs. With 55+ years of combined CrossFit coaching experience, our team is quite simply experts when it comes to all things CrossFit. We follow CrossFit’s fitness and nutritional principles as well as coaching techniques and prioritize safe and proper movement above all else. Not only that but we also strive to make our facility a positive place where individuals may find a sense of belonging through our strong bonded community and frequent community/ social events. Hard work, dedication and integrity are the pillars of our program. If you are ready to become part of our special program we invite you to stop by for a visit and find out what we are all about. You’ll be glad you did.

CrossFit Woodbridge is also proud to offer Ignite Bootcamp, a great way to get fit while having fun in a supportive atmosphere. By using our boot camp friendly CrossFit training methods you can get the lean toned body that you deserve. You’ll also have fun and enjoy meeting like-minded motivated people. We’ve trained everyone from senior citizens to long distance runners to elite athletes. Bootcamp is for individuals who are committed to changing their life in a positive supportive atmosphere.

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“Moving from NC, the most critical factor for my new residence was proximity to a good CrossFit box. CrossFit Woodbridge was recommended to me and so I gave it a shot. I was skeptical that I would get the same results and satisfaction from this box. However, in the past four months I have exceeded my goals and made great gains. As a member with unlimited access, I am able to access the CrossFit side and the Strong Side. I just finished the Olympic Weightlifting seminar and by focusing strictly on technique first and foremost before weight, I was able to set new personal records that I didn’t think were possible otherwise. I am now in the Powerlifting seminar and looking to see what I can accomplish from there. This box is a great investment for anyone looking to try CrossFit for the first time or moving on from another box.”


Our Facility

Here at CrossFit Woodbridge we have two separated sides to our facility that make up our total space of 7,500 sq ft. Our two sides are distinguished as our “CrossFit Side” as well as our “Strong Side”. Our CrossFit side is where all of our coach led CrossFit classes take place while our Strong Side is where we allow for open gym. The Strong Side is also where we conduct our specialty courses such as CrossFit Kids, Woodbridge Barbell Club, Ignite Bootcamp, and our Olympic Weightlifting/ Gymnastics seminars.

Our Indoor Space

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Our Kids Area