Dan Broughton

Oh look, more snow…

Is anyone else sick of this weather?  I personally am over it, and I cannot wait for some summer heat and sunshine.  What boosts my mood when weather is like this?  Exercise!  This workout is written perfectly so you can… Read more »

Family movie night

11 February 2014 This Saturday evening at CFW, we are hosting a charity movie night.  It’s at 7pm, and we are showing World War Z.  Bring the whole family, and come out to support a good cause.  We are accepting donations… Read more »

Here’s a reminder that on Wednesday evening at around 5:30pm we are having a free community workout at the VA Runner store.  Please stop by for a free extra bootcamp style workout. AMRAP in 20 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Pull ups Weighted up… Read more »

Bootcamp is expanding!

As you may have noticed, bootcamp is growing!  Our evening classes especially are getting nice and big.  It’s awesome, but space is limited until we expand later this month.  Look forward to our expansion-it’s bringing so much more room!  Thanks… Read more »

Interval time!

30 seconds work/10 seconds rest, rotating through the following movements for 4 rounds: jumping squats plank KB SDHP plank push ups plank goblet lunges

Push it!

See the picture above?  That’s Julie getting some air, recovering from a workout.  She always pushes herself, no matter what the workout is.  Intensity starts from within.  No one can push you out of your comfort zone besides yourself.  If… Read more »

Help each other out

I’ve asked several of you if you enjoy the partner days, and everyone says they absolutely do.  Why do we do these types of workouts?  I believe, and have experienced myself, that we push ourselves more when a partner is… Read more »