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10 Year Anniversary

CrossFit Woodbridge has been serving the Woodbridge community for 10 years and counting.

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Conor Legere - My favorite parts of CFW are the people and environment. It’s an encouraging environment. Everyone is there to help you improve your technique and encourage you to conquer new challenges.

Nick Cassano - Before I started crossfit, my daily workout routine was going to the gym and running on the treadmill or outside and/or working out on the elliptical machine. I would use a couple of the Nautilus machines, but that's about it. I had no weight lifting plan in my routine. My eating habits were pretty normal with a little bit of excessive snacking at night. By the end of Dec. 2016, beginning of Jan. 2017 I weighed around 225 pounds with little or no changes at all in my weight. I was introduced to crossfit by my brother Adam McDermott and started January 15 of this year. Before starting crossfit, I was also on the Whole 30 plan and had lost about 6 pounds by the time I started. I didn't know what to expect from crossfit when I started. The only thing I knew about it was what Adam had told me and how the workouts go. Of course I was intimidated at first. The workouts were very challenging for me in the beginning, but I eventually started to catch on and my workouts started to improve. I've also noticed that my energy and stamina have gone up since joining crossfit. I am no longer tired or sluggish. The workouts are fun and challenging and it seems like I'm always learning something new. The coaching staff at CFW is great and offer advice/help whenever they can. The CFW community that works out there are also great to work with and very friendly. Everyone seems to get along and help each other out when needed. By the time I started the All-In Challenge, I weighed 196 pounds and felt better than I have felt in a long time.

Saurabh Datta - Since becoming a member I feel that I belong to the wonderful CrossFit Woodbridge Community. It has been a pleasure learning from knowledgable coaches and fellow crossfitters. The friendly atmosphere and the willingness of the coaches to make you a better CrossFit makes the experience even better.

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