Workout of the Day

Thursday, June 20th

Snatch work: 4 sets of 2 Drop Snatch, 2 Snatch Balance, 2 Overhead Squats, build from 50%, but drop snatch will be the determining factor in selecting weight. Weightlifting: Our target percentages about 50-60%, however this will vary based on… Read more »

Wednesday, June 19th

Gymnastic Strength A1) Kettlebell Windmills – 3×6/side A2) Wall Facing Handstand Holds 3x30s A3) Max Chin Over Bar Hold Rest 90 seconds Gymnastic Strength Superset – we’ll be performing the KB windmill to work on our core stability as well… Read more »

Tuesday, June 18th

Clean work: 5 sets of: 2 Clean Lift Offs (to knees), 2 Clean Pulls, 1 Power Clean. Build from 55-70%. Weightlifting: Lift off = to the knees, ensure torso position stays throughout the rep, drive through quads and glutes not… Read more »

Monday, June 17th

Back Squat 2×8 @ 65-70% 2×5 @ 75-80% Strength: Straightforward squatting today, so used the range of percentages to guage how you’re feeling today. If feeling good, all 4 sets should be at the max number (70 and 80%) Ascending… Read more »

Thursday, June 13th

Overhead Strength: 4 Sets Barbell Strict Press 6-8 reps @ 75% 1RM Banded Tricep Press Downs 15-20 reps Rest 90s Our pressing strength series this month will be focused to increase our capacity on handstand push ups or any overhead… Read more »