Workout of the Day

Friday, October 22nd

Pressing Strength Circuit: Pressing Strength Circuit 3 sets A1) DB Bench Press – 6-8 Reps A2) Max Feet Elevated Push Ups A3) Max Plank Hold (forearms) Rest 90s Conditioning: For Time: 18/12/6/12/18 Handstand Push Ups & Chest To Bar Pull… Read more »

Sunday, October 17th

Hero WOD: SC 4For Time:Buy-in: 44 push ups4 Rounds400m Run4 Front Squats 115/854 Burpees4 Thrusters 115/854 Burpees4 Push Presses 115/854 Burpees4 Power Cleans 115/854 BurpeesCash-out: 44 push ups Background: This hero workout is dedicated to Sergeant Mike Stephen, Stone County… Read more »

Saturday, October 16th

Partner WOD: In teams of 2:Buy in: 1600m Relay Run (switch every 200m)10 Rounds For Time: (Switch every full round)4 Strict Press 115/85 / 95/65 / 75/5510 Air Squats8 Push Press 95/6510 Air Squats12 Push Jerks 95/6510 Air SquatsCash out:… Read more »

Friday, October 15th

Mobility: **Upper Body Stretching and mobility, 10 minutes at the start of class after yesterday’s JT** WOD: For Time: (30 min cap)1000m Row5 Rope Climbs800m Row4 Rope Climbs600m Row3 Rope Climbs400m Row2 Rope Climbs200m Row1 Rope Climb Note: Longer workout… Read more »

Thursday, October 14th

WOD: JT:21-15-9HSPURing DipsPush Ups Note: We are utilizing JT as a strength-based workout today, finishing up with core specifically designed to increase our gymnastic capacity. Scale HSPU to Pike Push Ups today before going to Z-Press, ring dips done with… Read more »