Dan Broughton

Team Tuesday

Are you guys enjoying the team WODs?  You can be honest, because this is YOUR Bootcamp.  Tell us in the comments below what you like, dislike, would like to change, etc.  Or you can tell us in person, as well. … Read more »

Up the intensity!

It’s really easy to look at a workout and think “that sounds easy.”  While a workout may contain simple movements that when done alone are easy, it’s up to you to add the intensity.  The intensity of a workout is… Read more »

Try a benchmark

  So this week I (Wendy) have spoken to a few of you bootcampers about tracking your workouts and your progress.  As I recommended, it’s very important to track your workouts.  Without tracking what you’re doing, how fast you’re doing… Read more »

Core strength

What is your core?  Do you know?  Do you think it’s just your abs?  I’m sure you’ve heard the word “core” thrown around, but what is it, really?  In addition to your abdominals, the core includes your lower back muscles,… Read more »

The power of the lunge

Some fun facts about lunges, as some of you have already discovered from soreness.. “Lunges are a lower-body exercise that target several muscle groups at once. The glute muscles located in your hips and butt along with the hamstrings and… Read more »

Watch Out Dallas

Shout out to Coach Evy, Adam, and Frankie for their performances at the NOVA olympic lifting competition! 2 gold and 1 bronze. Not too shabby. Evy and Adam will be traveling to Dallas to compete in the American Open in… Read more »

Saturday Time Change!!

Bootcamp this Saturday (10/26) will be at 9:00 AM!! We have coaches and athletes competing in the NOVA Open Oly competition in Springfield, so we will be headed over there to support them! Good luck Coach Evy, Frankie, and Adam!

5am RSVPs

The 5am class has been slowwwly getting less people and the past 3 weeks we’ve been down to none. From now on I’ll have you guys RSVP in advance if you want to come. Email me, call, text, or tell… Read more »

Pull Up Progress

You guys have been killin the pull ups and progressing fast. As soon as the band you’ve been using starts to get too easy, get a thinner one! Don’t be afraid to challenge yourselves. You got it. Monday, October 21st,… Read more »