Workout of the Day

All-in challenge!

Ok!!! Here we go. We are starting our All-in challenge September 9th, 2017. What’s All-in? All-in is an all inclusive lifestyle pick-me-up, an all around life face lift shifting from trying to fit health and fitness into your life to… Read more »

Thursday, Aug 3rd

Today: Work up to daily max: 1 hang clean + 1 just below the knee clean METCON: 4 minute AMRAP: 5 burpees 5 thrusters (95,65) rest 4 minutes: 4 minute AMRAP 30 double unders 10 toes 2 bar

Tuesday, Aug 1st

Today: 2 sec Pause Back Squat for a Heavy Single METCON: against a 2 minute clock, complete: 3 hang power cleans (115,95) 6 shoulder 2 OH (115,95) 9 Front squats (115,95) MAX rep Burpees *Rest 2 minutes, repeat 3 times