Workout of the Day

Thursday, April 14th

Skill day: Kipping/Butterfly Pull Ups Skill Work For those with butterfly – Every 30s for 8 minutes – 5 butterfly pull ups. For those working on the butterfly, we will work on single leg assisted butterfly and kicking drills. For… Read more »

Tuesday, April 12

Weightlifting: Touch-n-Go Power Snatch 5×5 Weightlifting: We’re going to build across the 5 sets today and work on cycling a snatch that is a little heavier than we’re used to doing in a workout. All reps must be touch and… Read more »

Saturday, April 9th

Partner WOD: Teams of 2: AMRAP 7 70/50 Cal Row Max Rep Clean and Jerks 135/95 Rest 3 min AMRAP 7 100 Box Jump Overs Max Rep Snatch 115/85 Rest 3 min AMRAP 7 300DU/600SU Max Rep Thruster 95/65

Thursday, April 7th

Skill day: Devil’s Press Skill Work ~ 10 minutes Single Arm DB OH Squat Skill Work ~ 10 minutes Conditioning: 3RFT 12/10 Cal Row 10 Single Arm DB Overhead Squat 50/35 6 Dual DB Devil’s Presses (50/35 lbs) Mobility –… Read more »