Workout of the Day

Thursday, August 18th

Skill: Handstand Walk Practice. Skill work – working on practicing HS Walks. For those proficient, set up a course based on skill. For those that are not close to walks, practice wall facing handstand holds, lifting one leg off at… Read more »

Friday, August 12th

Strength: 4 Supersets of: Bench Press – 15/12/10/8 at 60% DB Z- Press -15/12/10/8 Rest 60-90s Strength – coming back to our pressing combination for chest and shoulders, with higher volume on our bench press today. Reps are decreasing but… Read more »

Tuesday, August 9th

Strength: 4 Supersets of Back Squat – 6 reps at 75% Jumping Alt Lunge – 10/leg (bodyweight) Rest 90s Strength – Supersetting our squats with explosive, jumping lunges to really get the glutes involved and limiting our rest to 90s…. Read more »