Workout of the Day

Thursday, May 5th

Skill Day: Pistols – 15 minutes skill work Single leg squat to box (varying heights) Pistol Squat onto band supported by j-hooks Pistol Squat on top of box with leg forward Pistol Squat with heel elevated Pistol Squat with counter… Read more »

Sunday, May 1st

Hero WOD: Bert For time: 50 burpees 400m run 100 push ups 400m run 150 walking lunges 400m run 200 air squats 400m run 150 walking lunges 400m run 100 push ups 400m run 50 burpees Background: Dedicated to U.S. Marine… Read more »

Thursday, April 28th

Skill day: HSPU Skill work ~ 10-15 minutes For those with HSPU, complete one max set of HSPU, then E2MOM for 10 minutes complete 40 % of max reps. Conditioning: AMRAP 123 Strict-Handstand Push-Ups (deficit for those that are efficient)6… Read more »

Wednesday, April 27th

Strength – Back Squat – 3×4 @ 110% of 10RM 2×10 @ 80% of 10RM Strength – we’re going to lift heavier before dropping and hitting our volume today. Conditioning: For Time: 50-40-30-20-10 Wall Balls 20/14 Ab mat sit ups… Read more »