Workout of the Day

Thursday, August 3rd

Strength: Front Rack Barbell Box Step Ups 4×12 (6/leg) Cossack Squats – 4×12 (6/leg), add weight if possible Rest 2 minutes Front Rack Step Ups – we’ve done these in the last cycle, so remember that these will add a… Read more »

Tuesday, August 1st

Strength: Bench Press:5 Sets building from 60-75%1 Rep at 53X11 Rep at 5XX12 Reps at normal tempo Note: working on control and explosive strength today, 5 second negative + 3 second pause on first rep (don’t bounce to re-engage after… Read more »

Monday, July 31st

Deadlift Cycling 4×10 at 65-70% 1RM ***20-30s Deadhang after each set*** Rest 2 minutes Today we’ll be working on some cycling for our deadlifts. 65-70% should be more than what we normally would do in a workout for 10+ reps… Read more »