Workout of the Day

Friday, March 25th

Strength – Strict Press 5 sets 10@60% 8@ 65-70% 6@ 75% 4@80-85% 2@ 90% Conditioning: JT – 21/15/9 for time of: HSPU, Ring Dips, Push Ups Today is a muscular fatigue day, lots of shoulders and triceps. Use mats and… Read more »

Wednesday, March 23rd

Strength: Tempo Deadlift – E2MOM 12, 4 deadlifts at 70% of 10RM Every 2 minutes perform 4 deadlifts at 5051 tempo (5 second ascent, 5 second descent, 1 second pause at top). Deadlifts – we’re going to work on maintaining… Read more »

Monday, March 21st

Strength: 2 Second Pause Back Squat – 4×3 @ 80% Strength – focus here on control, staying braced in the pocket, and not bouncing to gain momentum to come back out. % based off 10RM. Conditioning: For 3 cycles: AMRAP… Read more »

Sunday, March 20th

Hero WOD: Zachary TellierFor time10 burpees10 burpees25 push ups10 burpees25 push ups50 lunges10 burpees25 push ups50 lunges100 sit ups10 burpees25 push ups50 lunges100 sit ups150 air squats

Saturday, March 19th

Partner WOD: Teams of 3: 40 min capPartner A: 400m runPartner B: AMRAP5 strict pull ups10 Hang Power Clean 115/8515 Box Jump 24″/20″20 Sit UpsPartner C: 10,000/8,000m row Note: Partners will switch as soon as the runner comes back in…. Read more »

Friday, March 18th

Strength: Strict Pull Up – Max Rep Test WOD: AMRAP 10:5 Snatch 135/953 Bar Muscle Ups10 Wall Balls 20/14Rest 3 minutesAMRAP 108 Snatch 115/758 C2B Pull Ups15 Wall BallRest 3 minutesAMRAP 1010 Snatch 95/6512 Pull Ups20 Wall Balls Note: 3… Read more »

Thursday, March 17th

Strength: Thruster Technique Work:10 minutes to work on positioning, mobility, and breathing technique. WOD: “Jackie’s” best friend1000m Row50 Thrusters 45/3530 push ups Note: After our technique work, we’ll be performing classic “Jackie” except with push ups instead of pull ups… Read more »