Wednesday, April 10th

Every 4 minutes for 24 minutes 15/12 Cal Row Max Power Cleans Rest 90s 95/65 115/85 135/95 155/105 185/135 205/145 *Rest 90 seconds*, 2 1/2 minutes of work

Workout – spend extra time warming up as we will be getting a large amount of cleans in today. You will have 2 and a half minutes of work, with a short row to get the heart rate up before attempting your max cleans. Score will be total cleans across all 6 rounds. We will have 90s to recover and change weights, so push the cleans to the end of your work period. Scaling options are not included, for those scaling we want our 6th round to be about 90% of our 1RM, so lets find 6 numbers that we can increase to end at 90%.