Dan Broughton

Saturday, December 4th

*Today is the CFW Fall Competition! No classes will run today, good luck to those competing, and please come out and cheer your friends and CFW Family on as they attack the workouts!*

Thursday, December 2nd

Weightlifting: 4 rounds for quality of: 2 Drop Snatches 2 Snatch Balances 2 Overhead Squats Weightlifting: Our target percentages about 55-60%, however this will vary based on comfort and mobility dropping into the squat. Our goal is to quickly drop… Read more »

Wednesday, December 1st

Coach Bill’s Skill Day: 3 rounds for quality of: 6/side Kettlebell Windmills & Wall Facing Handstand Hold, 30 secs Rest 2 mins Gymnastic Strength today is brought to you by Coach Bill. Introducing the Kettlebell Windmill (3×6/side, 12 total) for… Read more »

Tuesday, November 30th

Weightlifting: 5 rounds for quality of: 2 Clean Lift Offs 2 Clean Pulls 1 Power Clean building from 55-70% Weightlifting: Lift off = to the knees, ensure torso position stays throughout the rep, drive through quads and glutes not hamstrings…. Read more »