Dan Broughton

Wednesday, August 19th

Skill: Pistol skill workSpend 10-15 minutes on pistol progressionSingle leg squat to boxPistol Squat negatives on top of boxBanded Pistol SquatsPistol Squats with elevated heel and counter weightPistol Squats RX with pause WOD: Odd Object DayAMRAP 1225′ KB Carry, 1… Read more »

Tuesday, August 18th

WOD: Every 4 minutes for 5 Rounds (25 minutes)30/20 Cal Row Buy InAMRAP12 Deadlifts 135/958 Box Jump Overs60s Rest Accessory: 3 Rounds30s of bottom goblet squats10 Turkish Sit Ups per side

Saturday, August 15th

PARTNER WOD: Coaches’ GambitCoach will design the workouts today with class input. Divide into teams of two. Each team will select a movement from the list provided and the coach will assign a number of repetitions. Movement list:Barbell: Deadlift, Front… Read more »

Friday, August 14th

Mobility: Spend about 10 minutes during your warm up to mobilize the hips, quads, hamstrings and ankles after yesterday’s volume. Odd Object Strength:L-Sit Single Arm DB Press 4×6 at a 31X1 tempoRing Row (Single Arm) – 4×8 Z press @… Read more »

Thursday, August 13th

WOD: For Time: 25 min cap30 Sit Ups30 Back Squats 95/6530 Push Ups30 Front Squats 95/6525/25/25/2520/20/20/2015/15/15/1510/10/10/10 Accessory: 5 Sets of20 Walking Lunges (10 per leg)15 Straight Leg Sit Ups (use a PVC in back rack or overahead)

Wednesday, August 12th

Strength: Snatch Balance into Overhead Squat4 sets of 1 snatch balance (hip drive) into max reps minus 1 overhead squat This is to target our strength coming out of the pocket on the snatch and our shoulder stability. Whatever footwork… Read more »