Tuesday, March 12th

Tempo Bench Press 31X1 4×6 @ 65-75%

Ensure there is no loss of tension on the pause on the bench press. Focus on creating an arch and getting the shoulders locked back. ***Tempo – 3 second negative, 1 second pause, explode up, 1 second pause at top***

Muscular Fatigue – Upper body Ascending AMRAP 10 2 Feet Elevated Ring Row | Ring Row | Bent Over DB Rows 2 Ring Dip | Banded Ring Dip | Bench/Box Dip 2 hand release Push Ups | Knee HR Push Ups 4,4,4 / 6,6,6 / ect

Today is a musclar fatigue day. Focus on form and keeping your core tight on all 3 movements.