Dan Broughton

Friday, January 7th

**Reminder, Mobilize and Sip today at 5pm with Coach Meg!** Weightlifting: 5 sets: 3 Behind-the-neck Snatch Grip Push Press + 5 Behind-the-neck Snatch Grip Push Jerk We want to go heavy today, where we fatigue our push press pretty quickly… Read more »

Thursday, January 6th

Strength: Deadlift singles – 5×3 at 70%, 70%, 80%, 80%, 85% Deadlift reps should not be touch and go, lets focus on pulling the slack out of the bar, finding our brace and making it the strongest pull from the… Read more »

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Wednesday, January 5th

Weightlifting: Superset:A1) Strict Press in Split Position 4×6A2) Alternating Bodyweight Jumping Lunges 4×16 (8/side) Today’s strength will focus on building both our comfort and our strength in our split jerk receiving position. To begin, we will unrack our bar in… Read more »

Monday, January 3rd

***Reminder to come and join Coach Meg and Crossfit Woodbridge for Mobilize and Sip this Friday at 5pm!*** Strength: EMOM 8 – 5 Front Squats (from floor) at 70-75% 1RM Squat Clean Our strength today we will be working on… Read more »

Thursday, December 30th

Weightlifting: E2MOM for 16 Minutes 0,2,4,6 – 2 Hang Squat Snatches at 65% Minutes 8,10,12,14 – 2 Squat Snatches at 75% We’ll be working on volume today with our snatches with a longer every other minute workout. We want to… Read more »