Dan Broughton

Saturday, July 25th

PARTNER WOD: Coaches’ GambitCoach will design the workouts today with class input. Divide into teams of two. Each team will select a movement from the list provided and the coach will assign a number of repetitions. Movement list:Barbell: Deadlift, Front… Read more »

Friday, July 24th

Strength: Stamina SquattingEMOM 14Even: 2 Front Squats @ 85% of front squatOdd: 4 Back Squats (same weight) WOD: Leg Smasher4 Rounds5 Back Squats at 60%8 Dual KB Front Rack Walking Lunge 53/35 (4 per leg)8 Dual KB Front Rack Squats… Read more »

Wednesday, July 22nd

Strength: Snatch Work2×1,1,1 Snatch Pulls at 110%(drop and reset)then complete 10 power snatch singles at 80% of 1RM (of power), WOD: Odd Object dayTabata (4 min, :20 on :10 off)Even: KB Cross Body Walking Lunge (One farmer cary, one overhead… Read more »

Tuesday, July 21st

WOD: EMOM 24Minute 1: 2-4 MU (Rings first, scale to bar)Minute 2: 45s max distance handstand walk or wall walksMinute 3: 6-8 Dual Russian KB Swings 44lb/26lb Optional core: 3x60s weighted planks, RX is 25lb/15lb to keep the focus on… Read more »

Saturday, July 18th

PARTNER WOD: In teams of 2:AMRAP 8Run 4x200m (one sprints, one rests)AMRAP Deadlift @ 275/205Rest 2.5 minutesAMRAP 8Run 4x200m (one sprints, one rests)AMRAP Power Clean @ 185/125Rest 2.5 minutesAMRAP 8Run 4x200m (one sprints, one rests)AMRAP Overhead Squats 135/95

Thursday, July 16th

Strength: Backsquat, 4×101@50%, 1@60%, 2@70% WOD: Uneven DB work – AMRAP 141 Complex per side of: 1 DB Power Snatch, 1 DB Hang Squat Clean, 1 DB Push Press (40/25)100m Row2 Complex per side100m row3 Complex per sideect