Dan Broughton

Monday, December 27th

Strength: 4 Rounds of:25′ Single Arm DB Overhead Walking Lunge (per arm)8 Pausing Goblet Squats (2 seconds)Rest 2 minutes Note: Today’s strength we’re going to work on our overhead stability while performing our lunges. The goal of today is to… Read more »

Friday, December 24th

Christmas Eve! Conditioning: 12 Days of Christmas 1 Thruster 115/852 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 115/853 Power Snatch 115/854 Push Press 115/855 Power Clean 115/856 Bar facing Burpees7 Pull Ups8 Toes-To-Bar9 Wall Balls 20/1410 KB Swings 53/3511 Goblet S quats 53/3512… Read more »

Thursday, December 23rd

Strength: Deadlift:EMOM 85 Deadlifts at 70% Our deadlifts today should be performed as controlled touch and go and should be a little heavier than we would normally do in our workouts. As you descend into your reps, ensure shoulders stay… Read more »

Wednesday, December 22nd

Weightlifting: Snatch work: 6 sets of 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Hang Squat Snatch building from 60-75% Weightlifting: We’re taking the first pull out of the movement to ensure we’re getting full extension before turning over. Between the two, we… Read more »

Tuesday, December 21st

Pulling Strength: Bent Over Barbell Row (clean grip) 4×6-8 Supinated Grip Chin-Over Bar Holds – 4xmax Rest 90s We’re going to be combining our horizontal with our pulling strength today. Bent over barbell rows should be performed with a slight… Read more »