Workout of the Day

Friday, April 1st

Strength – 4 Supersets of 10 Double Dumbbell Bent Over Row + Max Chin-Over-Bar holds, rest 90s. Strength – working on combining our horizontal pulling strength with a vertical, static hold over the bar. Bent over rows should be hinged… Read more »

Tuesday, March 29th

Gymnastic Strength – 4 sets A1) Seated DB Z-Press 4×8 A2) Weighted Arm Circles 5lb/2.5lb 4xmax effor Gymnastic strength designed to help with HSPU. Keep the arm circles small and controlled, slower is better. Perform 2 sets forward and 2… Read more »

Monday, March 28th

**Murph Prep #1 will be on Wednesday, bring your weight vest!** Strength – Dumbbell Death March – 4×25′ Strength – we’re going to be doing a new movement, the DB death march. Essentially this will be a walking, stagger stanced… Read more »

Friday, March 25th

Strength – Strict Press 5 sets 10@60% 8@ 65-70% 6@ 75% 4@80-85% 2@ 90% Conditioning: JT – 21/15/9 for time of: HSPU, Ring Dips, Push Ups Today is a muscular fatigue day, lots of shoulders and triceps. Use mats and… Read more »

Wednesday, March 23rd

Strength: Tempo Deadlift – E2MOM 12, 4 deadlifts at 70% of 10RM Every 2 minutes perform 4 deadlifts at 5051 tempo (5 second ascent, 5 second descent, 1 second pause at top). Deadlifts – we’re going to work on maintaining… Read more »