Nick Cassano

So so so proud of our man Nick Cassano.  He’s been 100% IN since he started here at CrossFit Woodbridge and definitely stepped his game up since joining No Bull Nutrition and our All-in Challenge.  Below is his story since starting.  Again, super proud of Nick and his progress here!


1. Before I started crossfit, my daily workout routine was going to the gym and running on the treadmill or outside and/or working out on the elliptical machine. I would use a couple of the Nautilus machines, but that’s about it. I had no weight lifting plan in my routine. My eating habits were pretty normal with a little bit of excessive snacking at night. By the end of Dec. 2016, beginning of Jan. 2017 I weighed around 225 pounds with little or no changes at all in my weight.

I was introduced to crossfit by my brother Adam McDermott and started January 15 of this year. Before starting crossfit, I was also on the Whole 30 plan and had lost about 6 pounds by the time I started. I didn’t know what to expect from crossfit when I started. The only thing I knew about it was what Adam had told me and how the workouts go. Of course I was intimidated at first. The workouts were very challenging for me in the beginning, but I eventually started to catch on and my workouts started to improve. I’ve also noticed that my energy and stamina have gone up since joining crossfit. I am no longer tired or sluggish. The workouts are fun and challenging and it seems like I’m always learning something new. The coaching staff at CFW is great and offer advice/help whenever they can. The CFW community that works out there are also great to work with and very friendly. Everyone seems to get along and help each other out when needed. By the time I started the All-In Challenge, I weighed 196 pounds and felt better than I have felt in a long time.
2. I joined the All-In Challenge to continue my weight loss and muscle gain. I wish I would have known about flexible dieting a long time ago. I feel more energetic, more alert, and overall more healthier. I also notice that my mood is a lot better and I don’t feel angry or grumpy.  My eating habits improved a bit when I was on Whole 30, but counting macros has made me more conscious about how much carbs, fat, and protein food really has. I don’t feel full or overly stuffed after eating my meals now. I also try to spread my meals out throughout the day so I don’t have the hunger feeling and possibly overeating later on. My body feels satisfied throughout the day and I don’t feel “starved” all the time.
3. Since I joined CFW and NBN, I have lost about 42 pounds. This includes the Whole 30 program I was on from Jan. – Feb. I plan to continue counting macros and the eating habits I currently have.
4. My favorite part of CFW is the different workouts and challenges that they present. I think I can attribute my weight loss to the challenging workouts CFW offers and my current eating habits. I really enjoyed the challenge and what it had to offer. The best part probably was everyone sharing food recipes and other foods to eat during the challenge. I know I saved many recipes and discovered new foods due to this. The Slack app also helped for communication. If anyone had a question, they could just post to the app and it usually was answered pretty quickly. Overall, I had a great experience with the challenge and enjoy the workouts at CFW.


Front Squat

5RM w/ 5 sec Pause



3 Rds

21 Pull-Ups


9 Thrusters (135/95)