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With the new expansion, we have so much more room.  We are still working out the kinks though, of what program goes where.  So, hang in there a little bit longer while we come up with a plan as to… Read more »

2 times a day?

Last week I had an interesting question.  One of our bootcampers is an avid runner, and is training for a race.  She is struggling to find balance between her bootcamp workouts, which she loves, and her long runs.  She asked… Read more »

Please check the Kinetic Bootcamp and/or Crossfit Woodbridge’s Facebook page tomorrow for updates on possible gym closings due to more bad weather.  🙁 Here’s a workout you can do at home just in case we are all snowed in… 3 March… Read more »

You guys make my evenings a blast!  Hope you’re having fun too! 27 February 2014 50 box jump buy in 5 rounds: 10 KBS 10 KB SHDP 10 KB goblet squats 50 box jump buy out

Core day!

We are going to focus in on your core today!  Enjoy! 25 February, 2014 5 rounds 50 sit ups 50 mountain climbers (2 count) *1 minute plank in between each round

Thanks for the support

  A special thanks go to Tiffany, Laura, and Michelle for coming out to VA Runner to support Kinetic Bootcamp! Thank you so much!  We had a great time. 20 February 2014 50 goblet squats 50 push ups 50 box jumps… Read more »

“It’s critical to your happiness…”

  Check out this video I posted on the Kinetic Bootcamp Facebook page today…  But in case you don’t follow us on Facebook, check out the link below.  You won’t regret taking a few minutes to watch this. http://www.upworthy.com/2-people-described-the-same-person-to-a-forensic-artist-and-this-is-what-happene?g=2&c=reccon1 18… Read more »

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President’s Day

Today, President’s Day, we will only be having the 11:30am bootcamp.  Please join us and enjoy the rest of your holiday.  Also, we are hosting a free community work out at VA Runner this Wednesday evening at 5pm.  We had… Read more »