Workout of the Day

Saturday, August 12th

Hey All-in’rs!  When we kick off the All-in challenge we will be using the APP called SLACK.  The slack app will allow us to communicate throughout the day and week about challenges, meal prep, grocery shopping upload some quick pictures… Read more »

Wednesday, August 9th

Some of the practices and challenges you are going to undertake during the All-in 8-week challenge are going to be weird and uncomfortable at first.   You may have already decided that they aren’t going to help you.  I thought… Read more »

All-in challenge!

Ok!!! Here we go. We are starting our All-in challenge September 9th, 2017. What’s All-in? All-in is an all inclusive lifestyle pick-me-up, an all around life face lift shifting from trying to fit health and fitness into your life to… Read more »

Thursday, Aug 3rd

Today: Work up to daily max: 1 hang clean + 1 just below the knee clean METCON: 4 minute AMRAP: 5 burpees 5 thrusters (95,65) rest 4 minutes: 4 minute AMRAP 30 double unders 10 toes 2 bar