Workout of the Day

Thursday, April 30th

Strength – Single Arm DB Shoulder Press 3×6 per side at tempo 31X1 (3 second negative, pause at bottom and top). Start strict, convert to push press if needed to maintain negative. Barbell users will complete 4×8 Conditioning – For… Read more »

Wednesday, April 29th

Strength – Russian Box Step Ups (video) 4×20, can hold DBs/KBs in farmer carry, front rack, back rack, ect. Barbell should be done in back rack. Conditioning – For Time: 50 Burpees, rest 2 minutes, 50 single arm Hang DB/KB… Read more »

Tuesday, April 28th

Strength – Alternating DB Bent Over Row + Delt Fly 3×10 (see video). Modification for KB is to complete all rows before starting standing shoulder fly, barbell only complete rows into high pulls. Conditioning – For Time 21-15-9 Deadlift 225/155… Read more »

Monday, April 27th

Strength – Pressing Supersets. 4×8 Barbell Floor Press immediately into quarter push ups to failure (see blog video). Sub in either DB/KB floor press or bench press. Conditioning – Super Cindy – AMRAP 20 5 Bent Over Barbell Rows 135/95… Read more »

Thursday, April 23rd

Strength: Power Cleans – In 12 minutes build to a heavy single, then drop and complete 5 singles at 90%. Modification (no BB), complete 3 super sets of DB/KB Lawn Mower Rows (10-15 reps) into DB/KB Clean Pulls (see video)…. Read more »

Tuesday, April 21st

Strength – Barbell Leg Complex: 3×10 of Back RackBarbell Lunges into back squat. Must complete 1 forward lunge on right leg, left leg, then back squat for one rep. Modifications – depending on the weight of DB/KB, perform rep scheme… Read more »