Powerlifting peeps be strong


Time to give all our recent graduates of our powerlifting series a great big pat on the back.  They have successfully completed some hard ass training with Jason over the past 7 weeks and have added a whopping FIVE HUNDRED AND 20 POUNDS to their lifts!!  That’s kinnnnd of a big deal guys.  Real Big!  Congrats to all you folks that participated and congratulations on all your lifts!!  Great work!


Bench Press



AMRAP in 15

10 KB single arm thrusters (5 each arm 53, 35)

15 KB Swings

20 Ab Mat Sit ups



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Evy V at the American Open

Eve Baltimore Open 2013

Hey ya’ll it’s time to rally and give some support to our girl Evy V.  She’s going to the American Open in 2 days to strut her stuff.  This chick has been working hard hard hard with her coach and Mr Lloyd Edwards.   Also, I’m changing our Facebook cover photo to this photo in support or Eve at the AO. LETS GO EVE

I’m going to be posting the link to the American Open for those of us that can’t break away and scream for Eve in person.


Power Clean x 2 and Jerk x1

Clean Grip straight leg Deadlift 3×5

3 Rounds

Run 200

15 pull-ups

15 push press (115, 85)

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Back Squat 3Rm

Then, for time

Buy in Row 1K then

5 Rounds

10 Box jump up and over (30,24)

15 Push-ups

20 Overhead walking lunges (45, 25)

buy out 100 Double Unders

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Hey Check it out



January 5th we will kick off the 30 days of clean eating at CFW.  Scott from Custom Fit Meals will conduct a kick-off seminar on clean eating, portions, shopping, work and home life, preparation and answer everyone’s questions.

After that we will conduct the baseline workouts (to be announced at seminar) on January 6th.  This will be all day and able to be done when you can on the 6th.

For the next 30 days we will challenge ourselves and our partners to keep it as clean as we can.  You don’t have to be 100%, you don’t have to order custom fit meals, that’s not what it’s about.  Just be as clean as you can and make some changes you can carry on through your life.

We are going to operate on a point system.  For example: You will get a point for coming to the seminar, taking a before picture, getting a body composition that day and each week, a daily point for mobility, a daily point for doing a WOD, a weekly point for staying 100% clean.   There are more points to gain those are just some.

So, get you and your partner registered for this nutrition challenge.  You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!!



15 Minutes for 2 RM Snatch

15 Minutes for Snatch balance from the rack. *If you can work up to a heavy single that’s great but, I’m looking for perfect form.  Watch and LISTEN to this video by Mike Burgener.

YouTube Preview Image

10 minute EMOM

Even 12 KB Swings (70,53)

Odd 20 Squats


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Nerver been done



30 partner hop-over burpees

100 KB Swings (53, 35)

P1 runs 400m – P2 30 pull-ups

100 Box jumps (24, 20)

P1- 30 pull-ups – p2 runs 400m

100 overhead squats (95)(65)

30 partner hop-over burpees


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Nutrition Registration up!



SIMPLE, EASY, FUN!! 30 days of clean eating

This challenge is going to be a PARTNER CHALLENGE!! What better way to be accountable than to have a buddy, friend, wife, husband, kid or COACH to be your partner.

January 5th-February 7th

Cost $25/person $40 per 2-person team

Custom Fit meals is our title sponsor and will be kicking us off with a seminar.  Max Muscle will also be involved with some body fat readings and nutritional and supplement support.  This doesn’t mean you have to buy CFM’s or take any supplements, they’re here for support and knowledge.

Super simple point system to keep yourself accountable for the 30 days.

Go all in for 2015 guys!!   Register here


Front Squat 5Rm




Box Jumps

Push Ups


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pop quiz


Snatch check list:  Feet under the hips, knees pressed out to the elbows, arms straight, shoulders pulled back, nuetral head and cervical spine, weight in the middle of the foot and…everyone is going to be ” ___ _____ing like professionals”   You can fill in the blanks if you pay attention in class.  Comment with answers.  Those who answer give 5 burpees for Dan to do when they see him next



5rm deadlift 1 set at 95%, 1 set at 90%


4 Rounds for time:

50 Double unders

15 Ring dips

20 Toes to bar

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Come celebrate


Come celebrate the holiday season with all your friends on December 20th.  Wine Styles will have a complimentary wine tasting for all of us and then the attached restaurant will host our holiday dinner.   There is no cost aside from your dinner so come have a night out with your CFW crew and celebrate.  The sign-up sheet is on the white board, throw your name up on there!!

Also, good luck to Allie D as she is quickly approaching her due date for her second future CrossFit Games winner!!


3RM weighted pull-up (use wide grip overhand grip, close grip underhand grip and regular grip)


EMOM for 20 minutes

Even minutes: 10 burpees

Odd Minutes: 10 Wall Balls

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CFW Powerlifters finale!


On Saturday the CFW powerlifters will culminate their 7 weeks of training with Jason and the conjugate method.  Friends and family are welcome to come watch them max out all their lifts and PR the crap out of life.  Congrats to all that participated in this 7 week training program.  I hope you got a lot out of it and are stronger all around.

Also, congrats to Esther Russell as she finally finally finally gave birth to her baby boy Evan Russell.  Congrats Esther!!!


Snatch 1RM


3 Rounds for time

6 front rack 24″ box step ups (135,95)

30 Sit-ups

15 Push press (135,95)


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Partner Nutrition challenge Q’s


The nutrition teaser has been posted and I’ve gotten some great interest and intent to commit.  Let me answer a few more questions.   Number one, it is NOT a zone challenge, it is NOT a paleo challenge.  This is a challenge to eat clean food.  Whole clean food.  You do not need to order custom fit meals for every meal.  You don’t have to order them at all if you don’t want to.  Scott, my little brother from CFM is conducting the nutrition talk on the first day and will give you options for use via custom fit meals.  Do I think CFM will help you in this challenge?  Absolutely.  How do I win?  Points.  The more points you gather the better.






4 Rounds, rest 1 minute between rounds

3 Minutes AMRAP

10 cleans (135, 95) *Yes, “squat cleans”

5 Thrusters

10 Cleans

5 Thrusters



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