Cold Weather clothing collection


We would like to do another collection which will directly affect our local community.

As you may have noticed, it’s pretttty cold outside. One thing that our homeless neighbors need are long johns/ thermal underwear.

We will be collecting thermals through Saturday, January 24th. We need both thermal shirts & pants, for both men and women. Generally size large is a good idea. We will also be continuing to collect bottled water, as that is a year-round need.

There will be a collection box in the merchandise area. Thank you!


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

40 Double Unders

12 Bar Facing burpees

12 SDHP (95,65)

12 Wall Balls


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Don’t forget


Drawing to win TWO MONTHS of free membership!

Want to know how you can win your next two months at CrossFit Woodbridge for free? It’s easy to enter! We’re changing a few things with how we run our office, and one thing is that we’re moving away from credit card processing. To enter the raffle, contact one of our coaches to switch over to a bank draft for your membership (all we need is a voided check). Everybody who switches over before January 31st is entered to win two free months of membership! We have to make the change at some point, so you may as well enter to win a membership! Ask a coach for details!

Free Intro Class on Saturdays at 10:30!

Know anybody that is interested in joining you at CrossFit Woodbridge? Bring them to our new weekend free classes, every Saturday at 10:00! If you bring a friend and they join our team, you get $50 of your next membership payment!  This starts January 24th.

You can sign up for an intro class by clicking on the class you want, here!

New Programming

We’ve started off the new year with a bang and our new 12 week strength cycle has lead the way.  We will be focusing on 12 weeks of a peaking strength cycle that will have 6 phases.  Each phase will be approximately 3 weeks in duration and build upon the previous 3 weeks.  We will culminate this cycle the week of March 30th.  Everyone in the box is excited about this strength series!!

WOD & Wine Event (2/7)

Saturday, 2/7 will be our first “WOD & Wine” event. Come join us for regular workouts starting at 11:30, and then join us for an afternoon wine tasting at Winestyles. Tickets are only $5 and goes toward the wine tasting at Winestyles Montclair- Click here to register!


5Rm Hang Power Clean from mid thigh


EMOM x 12 minutes

3,2,1 go and Even: 12 Pull-ups

Odd: 20 Sit-ups

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Hang Power snatch from mid thigh.  5Rm


AMRAP in 12

10 Shoulder to overhead (115, 75)

10 Toes to bar

10 Deadlifts (115, 75)

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New Day!!


Hope everyone had a great weekend. What a weekend it was at CFW. Great classes full of great people! Let’s get after it this week in the gym and continue our progress.


Make your 1st attempt what your last 10rm was from last Monday and try and GO UP from there!  A NEW 10RM should be established.

Back Squat 10RM

2 sets at 90%


AMRAP in 10:

10 Box Jump up and overs

12 Pull-ups

15 KB Swings

*Accessory:  Push press 10RM



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Jerk Werk


4 Rounds

5 Muscle ups

10 Handstand Push ups

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Trust the process



Not going higher than 70% today.  #trusttheprocess


Clean and Jerk 12 x 1 working up to 70% of 1RM

Snatch 12 x 1 working up to 70% of 1RM


20 minute AMRAP partners of 2.

* one works at a time, other rests

100 KB swings

80 sit-ups

60 KB snatches

40 alternating burpees (one does a burpee, other does a burpee)

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Constantly varied functional movement executed at relative intensity.  That is CrossFit.  Aside from what happens inside of the gym, you must take it outside and apply it for it to be measured in real life.  Learn and play new sports and have an very high level of proprioception is also key in boosting overall, applicable, general fitness.  Example: Snatch over 200 pounds at a body weight of 170 and know how to do a standing back tuck (as pictured above).  Consider the amount of not only strength but, speed, coordination, flexibility and power it takes to do a snatch at over 200 pounds at that body weight…and then go do a standing back tuck.  Athletic.


3RM Ring Dip


5 Rounds

:45 max effort

SDHP (95,65)


rest 1:30 between rounds

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9 degrees tomorrow


Remember that the 9am class on Saturday will be Clean and Jerk and Snatch and the 10am will be partner WODs.


5Rm Hang Power Clean from mid thigh


For time:

100 double Unders

30 Pull-ups

30 Push Press (115, 75)

100 Double Unders


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Here to play


I love these past games shirts.  I like how whoever is wearing one IS an athlete.  No questions asked, I’m here to play and I’m gonna win.


Back Squat 3×10 at 90% of Monday’s 10RM


5x500m max effort rest as needed between rounds

Accessory: *Should be done post METCON and done before the next class starts to train.

Bench Press 10RM

3×15 DB Roll Backs

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Tough wasn’t it


All of you who got that 10RM.  How was it?


Hang Power Snatch from mid thigh.  5Rm

AMRAP in 12

10 KB Swings

10 Box Jumps

10 Burpees

Accessory is a 10RM snatch grip DL

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