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We have one week until the Olympic Lifting series begins.  This seminar is for anyone who is wanting or needing more focus on the technique for both the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  Each class is 90 minutes in length and twice a week with specific programming to make you stronger in each lift overall and WAY more focus on the smaller details of each lift.  If you want to get better at these lifts register quickly.



Back Squat


AMRAP in 10 of

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats


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I’d like to congratulate all the CFW Powerlifters that completed their 7 week program today.  I coached the 10 and 11 on the CrossFit side so I wasn’t able to see the PR’s first hand but I heard every one of them.  I’m proud of you all as you’ve put in some serious work on the strong side and even more work getting all your accessory lifts done as well.  Walking around the track for an hour with a sled attached to you and a med ball in your arms isn’t awesome but you did it and it paid off big time.  Congrats again ya’ll.  Job well done.


3 Rounds

30 Deadlifts

21 OHS

(95 and 65 is the weight for both movements)

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Pull Up Skills


Today we focus on pull up skill work.  We urge you to come to our 10 am skills workshop if you are struggling to develop your kipping pull up or ready to take the next step and learn the butterfly pull up.

Today: 08/10/14

10 am:

Pull Up Skill Work


Every 45 secs for 8 mins

5 Pull Ups (using your new skills)


4 Rounds

Run 400m

20 Wall Balls

15 Pull Ups

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Saturday Team WOD



-Saturday at 1PM we will have 3 teams competing in Capital Affiliate League Week 5 at CrossFit Woodbridge…be there!

-Sunday at 10 am our Power Athletes will be competing in the Powerlifting Finals on The Strong Side.  Come out and cheer theses hard working athletes on.

Today: 08/09/14

Teams of 4 – Follow the leader

20 CAL Row

15 Burpee to Plate

20 Front Squat (115/75)

15 Burpee to Plate

20 DB Push Press (50/35)

-Team Buy Out – 15 Muscle Ups (After all athletes are complete)

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It’s that time again, time for us to re-test our Baseline WOD.  We like to do this a few times a year to see how much we have all improved.  There have been a ton of strength PRs in the past few months, let’s hope that carries over in to our baseline.  Look back at your last score from 3/24/2014.

Today: 08/08/14

“Baseline” WOD

Row 500m

40 Air Squats

30 Sit Ups

20 Push Ups

10 Pull Ups


Strict Press

5 sets of 5 reps (As Heavy as Possible)

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Clean & Jerk Complex


There are still spots available for our upcoming 7 Week Weightlifting Clinic.  This class is programmed to be beneficial for athletes of all levels so do not hesitate to register.  Let us know if you have any questions about this opportunity.

Pricing: Gold Members- $95
Non-Gold Member- $110
Non CFW Members – $200

Level II is $143

Begins August 19th


Today: 08/07/14

Clean & Jerk Complex:

1 Deadlift + 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Jerk – 1RM


4 Rounds for time

20 Russian KB Swings (70/53)

15 Push Ups

10 Box Jumps (30/24)


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Capital Affiliate League Week 5


This is the final regular season week of competition for our teams that are competing in Capital Affiliate League.  We will be hosting this Saturday at 1 pm and all 3 of our Open Division Teams will be competing.  Please come out and show these hard working athletes your support.  Check out how our teams are ranking and the WODs for this week here.

Today: 08/06/14

AMRAP in 15 mins (WOD at the track!)

Sprint 1 Lap

8 Toes to Bar

Plate Overhead Walking Lunge 10 Steps  (45/25)


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Why Burpees?


Who loves burpees?  Anyone?  Ok, well obviously many of us do not enjoy doing burpees but I continue to hear people ask why we do them when they are programmed.  The number 1 reason we do them I believe is because they are FUNCTIONAL!  If you are skeptical take a look at this article for more reasons to love the burpee and crush them with a smile on your face today.

5 Reasons to Love Burpees

Today: 08/04/2014

3 Rep Max Bench Press



Dumbbell Snatch (70/45) (alternating)



Core: 50 Hollow Rocks + Accumulate 4 mins in plank

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Today: 08/04/2014

Deadlift 1 Rep Max


EMOM for 10 mins

Shuttle Run

7 Pull Ups (Bar or Ring Rows as a scaling option)


100 Banded leg curls

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Skills Sunday


Out of all the moves that we can choose from in CrossFit and looking at our programming here I think we need some work in the double under category.  Yes, double under are tough to learn, they’re even tough to teach.  What’s really going to get this things under your belt finally is going to be repetition.  I whipped myself for weeks trying to get these things a few years ago but it paid off.  Come in and work on these things



Double Unders


5 Rounds


15 Box jumps


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