Back Squat 3Rm

1 Set of 3 at 95% and one at 90%


10 min AMRAP of

20 overhead walking lunges (45, 25)

15 Pull-ups

20 Sit-ups

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Week of 3’s


This week starts a week of progression to testing your 1 RM’s in lifts.  Also, next week we are going to be moving from the hang down to the floor in the OLY lifts.  It’s going to take some more time before we are going to test the OLY 1Rm.  There is more chance for error when there is a longer range of motion for the bar to travel.  Hopefully, you’re going to see some good progress in movement and strength along the way.  Be patient with the OLY lifts, they’re tough.

Also, if you’re interested in the Powerlifting Seminar it starts tomorrow.  E-mail to get into the class of your choice.


Hang Clean 3Rm (from the top of the knee)

1 set at 95%, 1 set at 90%


3 Rounds

30 KB Swings

30 Wall balls

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Real food by Jenn V


I recently asked Mrs Jenn Voss if she want to do some guest posts seeing that she’s sooo smart and pretty and she agreed first of all and then said she’d love to.  Here is a guest post from the wonderful JV about REAL FOOD and some things to think about…

One of the things I get asked about most often is protein powder.

Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan. I know many people love them, but for most people, a protein-rich diet of real food (including good fats and quality carbs) is more than enough to facilitate muscle growth and recovery. And if you have issues with either sleep or digestion, it’s best to avoid protein powders altogether.

Luckily, it’s easy to make great REAL FOOD smoothies to replace (or supplement) your protein powder usage. Here are some things to include:

*Egg yolks – Buy the best quality eggs you can. Farm-fresh, humanely raised are best. While egg whites have slightly more protein, they can negatively affect digestion so it’s best to separate them and save them for something else.

*Gelatin – This is an excellent source of protein. It’s easy to add to lots of things, but especially smoothies. You want a quality, grassfed brand. This is my favorite: Many nutrition authors also like this one: If for some reason the texture of gelatin bothers you, you can use this gelatin: While slightly more processed, it does not “gel up” and dissolves in both hot and cold.

*Coconut milk, sheep or goat yogurt, or raw milk (if you tolerate it) – While not excellent sources on their own, they do provide some protein and are excellent bases for your smoothie.

*Nut butters (or just nuts if you have a good-enough blender) – To get the most nutrition here, nuts should be soaked/dehydrated or sprouted.

*For additional nutrition, consider trying (1) mineral powder ( or even a pinch of sea salt, (2) a handful of frozen spinach (you really won’t taste it!) or (3) half an avocado (again, you won’t taste it and it adds healthy fat, although this is best pre-workout).

*For flavor, bananas (freeze them when they get too brown and use the frozen ones in your smoothies), real cacao powder, frozen fruit, or vanilla or almond extract (gluten free).

I’m not much of a berry fan, so I tend to make chocolate protein shakes. Although I don’t measure, here’s about what my “recipe” would look like. If you don’t like chocolate, you can simply increase the vanilla extract for a vanilla shake, or use your favorite frozen berries instead.

~4-6 ounces coconut milk

~1-2 egg yolks (they make the smoothie quite thick and creamy, so start with 1 and see how you like the consistency)

~Frozen ripe banana

~2-3 Tbsp. cacao powder

~2 Tbsp. sprouted nut butter

~Scant tsp. vanilla extract

~1 Tbsp. gelatin

~1 tsp. dolomite powder

~Ice as needed to make desired consistency

Blend together and enjoy! (This keeps well in a thermos during a workout, or you can freeze in freezer pouches to pack, and they’ll thaw by lunch.)

A note on sweeteners: With the frozen banana added, this is fairly sweet. If it’s not sweet enough, you could try adding another banana. If you’d still like it sweeter, try a bit of raw honey or a few drops of stevia (this is the only brand I recommend: (If you make a berry smoothie instead of chocolate or vanilla, you will probably need a bit of sweetener to counteract the tartness of the berries.)  This is approx 30g of protein!!

Boom!  Thanks JV for the insight and recipe!


10am: skill of your choice.  (yes the coach is fully prepared for this!)


4 Rounds

run 1 lap

60 Double Unders

20 Burpess


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Oly Results


I’m happy to announce that the people in the Olympic Lifting class are through their 7 weeks on training and are all holding new PR’s in their lifts.  A 100% PR rate in the level I class isn’t so shabby!  These guys worked incredibly hard on their technique each class and rarely went above 80% in their lifts.  As a matter of fact we worked at weights no higher than 60-70% of 1RM all the way up to the last week before testing. Technique Technique Technique!  Their movement is what is so impressive to me, everyone PR’d yes but, it is the goal of these seminars to get the movement correct first.  Mission complete!!


Teams of two

Split Jerk for max team weight


Regional Workout

21, 15 and 9

Deadlift (275, 185)

Box Jump (30, 24)

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Powerlifting Seminar starts Tuesday!!


For everyone still interested in the Powerlifting seminar with Jason it does start on Tuesday.  There is still room in the 9am and the 6pm classes.  Evidently, I’m not smart at figuring this stupid link out sooo, email info@crossfitwoodbridge and we’ll input you manually.  Get in quick they usually sell out last minute!!

I hope everyone got their 5’s in this week.  Next week will be 3’s followed by testing 1’s the following week.  Don’t miss these strength days!!!


5Rm Push Press


21, 15 and 9

Clean and Jerk (135, 95)

Toes to Bar


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Thrusters anyone?



5 Rm Front Squat


21 Pull-ups

21 Hang clean to thruster

15 pull-ups

15 hang Clean to thruster

9 Pull-ups

9 hang clean to thruster

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5Rm High Hang Snatch

1 set at 95% and 1 set at 90%


Open Workout 14.1

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches (75,55)

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Calling all supple leopards



Doc Pauley will be in tonight from 5-8pm going over some mobility, some stretching and some Chiropractic work that can help you.  His goal is to show you what you may need to do, at home or with him, to help you with movement.  Come see him tomorrow in the gym and ask him some questions.


High Bar back squat 5Rm


3 Rounds

1 minute each exercise:  Abmat sit-ups, push-ups, wall balls and box jumps

*no rest between exercises

** 30 seconds between rounds

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Strong Side Powerlifting Seminar



The CrossFit Woodbridge Strong Side Powerlifting Seminar is a 7 week seminar that focuses on the development of strength and speed in the powerlifts, squat, deadlift, and bench press.  Two classes a week, Tuesday and Thursday(morning and evening options), which will use the Westside Barbell Conjugate Method which features a rotating set of maximum effort and dynamic effort days.  Maximum effort days feature a maximum weight lift followed by accessory lifts and core strengthening exercises.  Dynamic effort days include a percentage weight lift using accommodating resistance, bands and chains, to add speed to your lifts and is followed by accessory lifts and core strengthening exercises.  **This seminar will be capped at 12 athletes per session.

Is this class right for me?

If you are an athlete who:

  • is looking to help improve explosiveness and power for his/her sport;
  • is looking for a better baseline level of overall strength;
  • would like better technique, efficiency and coordination with the deadlift, squat & press and other related lifts;
  • is a CrossFit athlete and would like to compliment his/her weekly metabolic conditioning workouts with strength training;
  • is a CrossFit athlete and would like to see his/her WOD times goes down (i.e. Isabelle and Grace);

Class starts on October 14th.  We have class availability at 6am, 9am and 6pm.



Establish a 5RM High Hang Clean

1 set at -5%

1set at -10%


3 Rnds

3min AMRAP of

10 pull-ups

15 Squats

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Watch out for this lady


Meenu is on the move.  She’s quiet, almost stealthy in her moves.  She’s been gaining ground on everyone and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Her fitness is going to make a statement one day.  She’s coming, watch out.


Teams of 3

Buy in with 60 burpees as a team (everyone does them at the same time)

Get a 1000 pounds from ground to shoulder (135×75, 95×105, 65×154) *2 people hold plank, one works

Deadlift 15,000 pounds (225X67, 155×97) *2 people hold pull-up bar, 1 works

Get 1000 pounds from shoulder to overhead.  *1 person works, 2 people hold plank

Buy out with 2 laps

** Weights are just recommendations.  Come up with your own weights and reps if you want to do more or less but, get the poundage done.



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