Today: Deadlift 6 x 2:00 3 reps @ 80% or 1RM Then: 27-21-15-9 reps for time of: Wallball 20,14 Clean & Jerk 95/65 *Clean and Jerk is a lighter weight.  Goal is to have high intensity for this workout.

Open Gym

Today: Open Gym from 10-12 Here are some movements that are coming up this week to work on so you can get ahead of the game: Overhead squats Double Unders Handstand push-ups    

Oh boy!!

Teams of two 5 min amrap of: (one person working at a time,cumulative between both teammates and broken up between teammates in any way) 35 Double Unders 200 meter run Then Team Fight Gone Bad 2 rounds Switch off each minute… Read more »