Work Your Hips & IT Bands

This week’s mobility provides you with another way to work on those hips and IT Bands, since that’s a common problem area for a lot of us.

  1. You will need a kettle bell (nothing too heavy, nothing too light; I used a 25lb bell), at least two ab mats (more if your outer hips/IT bands aren’t as tight as mine; weight plates can also be used for this, they’ll just dig into your ankles/legs a bit more), and a band hooked up to a post…or a fellow coach’s jeep bumper.
  2. Stack ab mats on top of each other and fold left leg under right, as though you were going to sit Indian-Style on the ground. Take right leg and drape the outer portion of your calf, along it.
  3. Take KB and gently place the ball of the bell in the fleshy portion of your thigh, while the handle lays across the knee…never put the KB directly on the knee!
  4. As you grab your band, relax that right hip and arch backwards, pushing your chest toward the post; hold for at least 15 seconds. Then pull your chest toward your shin, trying not to round your back, all while keeping that right hip relaxed and the knee driving into the ground; hold for 15 seconds. The band is there to help you from falling backwards when you arch back and to help pull you in when you lean forward. It’ll allow you to really focus on getting into the movement w/o worrying about going ass over tea kettle.
  5. Do at least two sets of these movements on this leg before switching sides and repeating.
  6. Don’t forget to breathe and relax!

Happy stretching!