Being more supple in the hips

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Check out the video above for some very useful mobilization techniques for squatting.  Many of us are very tight in the hips which can lead to a poor bottom position in all squats and valgus or collapsed knees.  Try some of these and other techniques to become more mobile as you execute your warm up sets.  Do a set, work on your mobility as you rest and then see if you feel a difference in the next set.  Maintain a strong position throughout your squat will be key to successful PR lifts next week.


1RM Hang Snatch


For Time

70 Air Squats

50 Pull Ups

30 Box Jumps

10 Handstand Push Ups

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4th of July Reminder


A reminder for Friday, July 4th.  We will be open for one WOD only, we will be having a fun United States of America Independence Day WOD that requires partners.  After the WOD we will have the grill going and celebrate the occasion with our fellow community members.  Feel free to bring meat to throw on the grill, side items and beverages of your choice.  I am told that one of our members from the nations 50th state is bringing some delicious items…This is a community day so bring family and friends.  The USA is worth celebrating.

Today: 07/02/14

Front Squats

6 sets of 2 reps @ 55% (Remember we are de-loading, so these should feel light)


AMRAP in 10 mins

Shuttle Run

5 Power Cleans (135/95)

10 Ring Push Ups


100 Banded tricep pull downs

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Lift Like a Girl!

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I noticed that this video/article was going around the social media waves today so I decided to watch.  It was an interesting video that I think directly relates to CrossFit and our community.  As your Coach I can honestly say that many of our most inspirational and hard working athletes are girls/women.  It is awesome to see girls of all ages “Lifting like girls” and being proud of it.  Nothing makes my day more than watching a new guy squatting next to our ladies and the surprise on their faces when they observe our strong beautiful women lifting the same or more than them.  Keep up the hard work and comment in the comments section on what it means to you to lift/WOD like a girl.

Today: 7/1/2014

Push Press:  5 sets of 5 reps

*As heavy as possible


4 Rounds

50 Double Unders

15 Burpee to Plate (45#)


100 Banded Face Pulls

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De-load Week




We are entering Week 10 of our Squat program and I know a lot of you are ready to re-test your 1RMs and see big results.  We are going to treat this week as a de-load week for our squats in order to set everyone up for success next week when we re-test.  There are many different ways to de-load when you are training but we are going to keep it simple.  We will maintain our rep schemes but drastically reduce our load.  This will help the body to fully recover while maintaining all the progress we have made over the past 9 weeks.  So with that said, please trust the program and do not go above the prescribed loads this week, they might feel light to many of you and they should but our goal is to lift heavy next week and set new PRs.  We will also be adding some additional mobility work to help with recovery this week.

Today: 06/30/2014

Back Squats:

5 sets of 5 reps @ 70%



Deadlifts (225/155)


Bar Muscle Ups


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Skills Sunday



10am skill: Clean *moreover, the squat clean and how to pull under the barbell.


3 Rounds

15 dumbbell cleans

15 Dumbell push-press

15 hand release push-ups


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New fish oil in stock


After speaking with and taking Theromega fish oil I’ve decided to stock it in our box.  I probably get a salesman a day trying to push their shiny new product that is going to make us all Rich Froning or Chamile Leblanc Bazinet.  I don’t believe in any of that crap and I’m not a sponsor or label chaser.  Justin and I spoke about his product, in person, for over an hour.  I’ve been taking this fish oil for some time now and can say, after all the research and getting to know the product and people, I believe in this fish oil.  I’m also stocking it to help you make an easy, informed decision when thinking about a fish oil to take.  I’ve posted the ingredients on the glass case in the proshop for your comparison to other products.  Please read that.

Smart label reading can help you choose a quality supplement. Why?

A product’s label is the first indicator of a product’s quality. Incorrect labels suggest other quality issues.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates manufacturing and labeling of dietary supplements. Supplement labels are required to list certain information in a specified format, as shown in this label below.

Top Section:
“Supplement Facts” is large and bold. “Serving Size” and “Servings per Container” are listed next, followed by a bold line.Nutrition Info: Fish oil is fat, so calories and fat must be listed in the order and format shown here. Nutrients with a “Daily Value”(basically a generally appropriate amount) must indicate % provided.Ingredients: These are listed below the Supplement Facts, by order of weight.theromegasport_supplement_facts (2)
Fish Oil and
Omega-3 Info:

These are separated from the Calories/Fat section by another bold line since these nutrients don’t have an assigned “Daily Value.”This is the Supplement Facts panel from the label for TherOmega SPORT. The softgel has 1000 mg of fish oil (typical of most softgels).TherOmega SPORT is highly concentrated, with 700 mg of total omega-3s, including 350 mg EPA + 250 mg DHA.
Always look for the amount of omega-3s, EPA, and DHA in a product to get the most value.


Teams of three.  2 work, 1 rests

AMRAP in 12 minutes


Hang power snatch (75, 55)

Wall balls



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July 4th


Yes we will be open July 4th.  We will have a 9am class followed by a cookout right after.  If you’re looking for something to do the Potomac Nationals Stadium always puts on a great Fireworks show.  The show usually starts about 9 or 9:30.  You don’t have to go in to the stadium complex to see though you can find a nice grassy spot in the neighborhood across the street behind Ruby Tuesdays.  Located here if you’re interested. 


Back Squat 6 sets of 1 rep at 96%


Death by pull-up

*in this workout you will complete 1 pull-up for the first minute, 2 for the second, 3 for the 3rd and so on until you cannot complete the number of pull-ups in that given minute.

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Benchmark time



Register for the Saturday Weightlifting clinic ASAP.  Nick will be going over techniques to get better at the jerk.  A lot of you have commented on how to get better at this movement and stronger overall so here.  you.  go!!




21, 15 and 9

Cleans and ring dips


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Hint….The bar does not go higher


At this point what is the next step in the clean?  Does the bar keep going up higher or does the body move underneath it?  Explain your answer in the comments section..


Front Squat 6×2 @62%

AMRAP in 8


8 Pistols

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“Core” stability


When we talk about core we always think about the abs but, there is so much more that contributes to core tension or strength.  Consider the WOD below.  There are a lot of moving parts in each movement and one that is actually isometric meaning you’re holding a muscle or group of muscles tense so you can stabilize.  In the overhead walking lunge you’re definitely using your abs to stabilize but, you’re also using your shoulders and upper back as well.  You won’t be executing a good overhead walking lunge without stabilizing that weight overhead with your shoulders as well as keeping your midsection nice and tight to stabilize everything else.  So, in short, use your abs and “core” muscles but know you have to stabilize everything else that contributes to help those abs out.  Everything needs to wok together to be as effective as we want to be.


AMRAP in 12

50 overhead walking lunges with a KB (53,35) *25 steps each hand

25 Toes to bar

50 KB Snatches (25 with L, 25 with R)

25 V-ups

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