Thursday, June 11th

We are leading with love and empathy.
I have gained so much perspective in the last 48 hours after speaking with a dear friend and client of almost 10 years.  I was asked to talk, to have a conversation in person, not over text, not through social media but man-to-man, human being to human being.  I was allowed to see this man, the pain he obviously carries with him.  The disappointment.  I was able to see that we aren’t doing it right.  We were able to have this conversation with each other with no boundaries or fear because we’ve done it many times before over the ten years we’ve known each other.  We’ve done it because we’ve had a community to do it in.  A place that has always been supportive.  A place that has always been inclusive.  A place for couples to be engaged, people to leave drugs for a better life, to rekindle a broken marriage, to reignite a relationship with their children, to find themselves and to LOVE WHAT THEY HAVE BECOME THROUGH A COMMON STRUGGLE.  A place that has never EVER fostered hate or racism and has supported and empowered each person that has walked through our doors no matter their race, color or creed.  This is our gym!!  Our community. The one that I wanted when I decided to get out of the Army and take the risk to be out here and change lives.  Are we going to keep doing that?  Together?  Or are we going to keep dividing humanity and perpetuate this narrative?  

Now, there have been some incredibly irresponsible, hurtful and poorly timed comments by the CEO of CrossFit.  While we don’t support those comments at all we do however support our people, our humans and our community that WE have built together over our 11 years. We will continue to build on this community as a CrossFit family. We will move on without Greg.  He doesn’t define us.  We will move on with each other and do what we’ve set out to do anyway.  His comments hurt and they caused major damage but, our gym is our gym.  We are the masters of our destiny and how we’re going to move on together.  I have my eye on our leadership as a business and it might be a great change or it might not be but, right now, I’m listening, I’m watching.  Most importantly I’m opening my door and walking into my gym with a renewed sense of power, empathy, responsibility and above all, love.  

This is our challenge.  Behind your anger there is a person, behind your badge, your uniform, behind your social media, your thoughts and beliefs there is a person.  Find out who that person is.  Educate yourself on what is happening.  Find out who we’ve been for 11 years and please help add to our positive change. This is our opportunity to, now more than ever, as a community. 

Lastly, I’ve reached out to our coaches to have a conversation about moving forward as being better human beings and in-turn coaches for you.  I’ve reached out to our neighboring gyms to set up events and do the same.  This is a time to drop the bullshit and support one another. 

To my friend, I thank you.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will see you.  



For time: Run, 800 m Rest 2 mins — then — 4 rounds of: 12 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35 lbs 10 Hand Release Push-ups, Waiter Walk (Right Arm), 53/35 lbs, 50 ft Waiter Walk (Left Arm), 53/35 lbs, 50 ft — then — Rest 2 mins Run, 800 m

Score is total time including rest**must rest full 2 minutes each time