It’s ok to rest…


I know I push you guys to be your best and push yourself out of your comfort zone during workouts…  But sometimes you also have to listen to your body.  I know it’s tempting to come in for a WOD when you might be feeling under the weather, or maybe just abnormally tired.  This is usually your body trying to tell you something, and you should probably rest.  Our bodies get sluggish when they need rest.  Our bodies also get sluggish when our immune systems are fighting off a bug.  Don’t weaken your immune system more by introducing more stress (a workout.)  A lot of times we know we might just be feeling a little lazy, and other times we have to recognize our body’s need for rest.  Learn how to listen to your body!

Coach Sara will be coaching this morning.  Enjoy!  She’s a great coach!

AMRAP in 15

12 wall balls

8 OH plate lunges

4 burpees to plate