paleolifestyle When it comes to nutrition, I am completely against the word “diet,” and against the mindset of “dieting.”  Diets represent a temporary fix to a long term problem.  If one is overweight and desires to lose weight, it’s been their lifestyle that has become the issue, not a temporary bad diet they’ve had.  Weight takes, in most instances, many years to pack on.  This is usually representative of a lifestyle that is not conducive to health.  So, what do we do when we have a weight issue?  Do we diet?  No.  We need to change the lifestyle habits that we’ve developed that have caused us to add weight.  If we take on the mindset of “dieting,” in my opinion, we set ourselves up for failure.  When we begin to think in terms of long term changes, instead of a short term diet, the weight will come off and our health will improve permanently.

Here’s a great, and to the point, article that I’d like you all to read:

21 November 2013

5 rounds (remember: intensity and speed while practicing good form!)

10 push-ups with side plank

10 med ball V-ups

10 wall balls

10 tuck jumps

*30 second V-sit hold in between each round