Saturday, February 10th

Valentine’s Day Partner WOD 3RFT (40 min cap) 400m run (together) 30 Burpee over partner | burpee to target | Burpee 30 Synchro Dual KB Deadlifts 53/35 | 35/26 | 26/18 30 Hand-held* synchro DB box step ups 35/20 | 25/15 | 15/10 30 Goblet Lunges (simulate proposal) 53/35 | 35/26 | 26/18 30 Partner Wall Balls 20/14 | 14/10 | 10/6 30 Synchro KB Swings 53/35 | 35/26 | 26/18

***Movement specifications*** Run – both athletes perform the run together, don’t leave your partner behind Burpee over partner – burpee is standard w/ push up, but after you push up, hold the top of the push up position for partner to jump over you. If this is challenging, then the jump over can be done with partner laying on stomach. Deadlifts – synchro means movement starts at the same time. Synchronization does not have to be perfect, but next rep cannot start until both are ready. Box step ups – holding a DB on the outside arm in a front rack position, boxes will be placed side by side (touching) with an optional, encourage, holding of the inside hands during the movement. Goblet Lunges – partners will face each other holding their KB in a goblet position (KB should NOT be resting on the torso at all). One partner will perform a forward lunge on the right leg towards the partner, then step back. Partner 2 will do the same. Then switch legs and repeat. Partner Wall Balls – these should be done with partners next to each other, one will perform a standard wall ball, throwing the ball slightly to the side so that it goes straight into partner 2’s hands who will then repeat. For anyone that is not proficient or comfortable, reps will be broken out to 15 per partner, split however, one partner works and one rests. KB Swings – Synchro is used ‘loosely’ here and just means that you and your partner must determine sets ahead of time, each partner completing the same reps at the same time and resting together as needed.