Monday, January 8th

4×6 False Grip Ring Pull Ups or Ring Rows 4×6 Ring Push Ups (superset) Rest 90s

For the skill, pair up 2-3 people to share rings of similar skill level. For the ring push ups, rings should be about an inch or two off the ground (enough clearance for fingers). Even for scaling, try knee ring push ups to feel the stability work.

AMRAP 12 1 Ring Muscle Ups | Bar MU or 3x C2B | 3x Pull Ups or assisted PU 3 Wall Balls 20/14 | 14/10 | 10/6 2 RMU 6 WB 3,9 4,12 5,15 ect

Workout – scale 1 RMU to BMU or 3x C2B or Pull Ups, assisted or not. So if athletes are scaling, Ring Pull Ups/Row and Dips should match the amount of wall balls per round.