Tuesday, March 14th

Back Squat: 15 minute timer 4×5 at 65%, rest 60-90s 1 set at 65% for max reps

Strength – we’re going to be doing 5 sets at 65%. First 4 sets should be sets of 5 which is fairly conservative for the percentage. The final set will be a max effort set to form failure, so we should see an increase in reps overall here.

10 Rounds: 15 min cap 5 Chest To Bar Pull Ups | Pull Ups | Banded/Jumping Pull Ups or ring rows 3 Power Cleans 155/105 | 135/95 | 115/75 or a weight that is consistent quick singles. 100m run

Workout – transitions will be key here to come under the time cap for many of us. Clean should be either touch and go or QUICK singles throughout the workout in order to come in under time cap. Run is just past the dumpsters if garage door is open, to the dumpsters if through the door.