Thursday, March 9th

Strength: Front Squat + Bulgarians – E3MOM for 15 min (5 sets) 5 Front Squats building from 65% 8 DB Bulgarian Split Squats/leg

Strength – First set at 65%, try and add a little weight each set, building to about 75% for the last set. Bulgarian split squats, hold DBs however but try and focus on dropping your working glute down to your heel and not drop your chest forward or drive totally through your quads.

3RFT: (8 min cap) 50 DU/100 SU 15 KB Goblet Squats 53/35 | 35/26 | 26/18 20 Alternating Jumping Lunge | stationary lunge

Workout – quick burner to finish off the legs. Try not to crash your knees on the lunges and make sure you fully jump and open the hips each rep.