Monday, November 28th

Strength: Close Grip Bench Press 4×5 at 21X1 tempo

Bench – close grip to work on triceps more directly, helping us with our jerk strength. 2 second negative, 1 second pause on chest and at the top of the rep, okay to build over the 4 sets.

Conditioning: 4 RFT 14 Alt DB Snatch 50/35 |35/20 10 DB Goblet Squat 50/35 |35/20 6 Strict Pull Up 2 Wall Walks

Workout – quick rounds today, with the dumbbell movements being unbroken so that we can take our time on the strict pull ups and wall walks if needed. Scaling pull ups – lets have less assistance/bands than normal to make this more challenging then our normal banded pull ups. Wall walks scale to wall walk as high as possible / walk out with knees on box.