Saturday, November 26th

In teams of 2: Partner 1: 800m run Partner 2: AMRAP Snatch 95/65 Rest 60s after both partners have gone Partner 1: 1000m Row Partner 2: AMRAP Front Squat 95/65lb Rest 60s after both have gone Partner 1: Bike 2400m Partner 2: Push Press 95/65lbs

Each partner should go through every movement once. After both partners 1 & 2 (both row, both snatch) they get a 60s rest together. Workout goes: Partner 1 runs 800m, partner 2 performs AMRAP snatch in the roughly 4-5 minutes o frun. Pace the reps, this is a long time for one movement! When partner 1 come back, they will immediately switch and perform snatches while partner 2 runs. Once they both finish, rest 60s before repeating for part 2 and part 3.