Wednesday, January 12th

Strength: Pressing Superset: A1) Bench Press – 4×6 at 75% 1RM A2) Bottom of push up plank hold – 4xmax, rest as needed

For today’s pressing superset, we will perform our bench press reps, then immediately drop to the floor in a push up position, lower our chest to 1″ off the floor and hold that position. We are going to work on both our pectoral strength as well as maintaining that tight core position we should be having during all of our push ups.

Conditioning: Alt EMOM 16: Minute 1 – 30s handstand hold on wall Minute 2 – 30 double unders/:30s double under attempts/60 singles Minute 3 – 12/9 Cal Bike Minute 4 – 20 Dual KB Deadlift 53/35

Workout – we should be finished with all movements with 15-20s to spare for recovery. Handstand holds ideally should be wall facing if possible. Large classes can stagger the starting position to ensure room on the bikes. **For those working on double unders, perform 30 seconds of attempts rather than singles.