Monday, October 11th


5 complexes of: ~65-80% of 1RM Jerk
3 Push Press
2 Push Jerk
1 Split Jerk

Note: We expect individuals to vary on the weight, but the % should be within 65-80% of their 1RM jerk. Goal is to fatigue and force us to drive lower (push jerk) under the bar and finally the lowest (split jerk), to complete the set. Build over the 5 complexes.


Ascending AMRAP 9
2 Hang P. Snatch 75/55
2 Toes-To-Bar
4 Hang P. Snatch 75/55
6/6, 8/8, ect.


This one will test your grip, with TTB or K2E being the first thing to break down. As the AMRAP progresses, keep the sets small to delay that fatigue from setting in.