Wednesday, September 15th

Strength: 4 rounds for quality of: 5 Front Squats, 75% 1RM Weighted Dumbbell Glute Bridge, 30 secs Rest 2 mins

Strength: we’re focusing on glute usage and core engagement on the squat today, so we dropped the % by 5 and are adding a 30 second weighted glute bridge hold after to really develop glute awareness/strength. Hold one DB across your hips, drive up through full foot w/ full extension of the glutes/hips and hold for 30 seconds immediately after the squats.

Conditioning: Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of: 8 Dumbbell Burpee Deadlifts, 50/35 lbs 16 Medball Squat Cleans, 20/14 lbs Run, 200 m

Workout – both movements are going to challenge us to keep our torso upright, whether it be standing with the DL after the burpee, or during the clean on the med ball. Our legs will fatigue so we should plan on breaking the cleans up to ensure we can get right out the door on the run. The weight should be light and flush our legs out after the squats and yesterday’s thrusters.