August Programming Goals

A new month is here which means, new goals! Last month our main focus was on working the muscle ups, both bar and ring. During this month (August) our programming goals will include the following:

  1. Running, running, and more running!: the main focus you will see for the month will be geared towards running.  You can expect to get to test your mile times more than once this month and also work your shorter distance runs as well.  We figured the last full month of summer would be the perfect time for us to enjoy those warm outdoor runs while we still can so…bring on those PRs!
  2. Deload- sorta: Since the priority of the month will be on improving our running endurance and speed, we will be deloading from the strength work. Don’ worry, there will still be heavy barbells thrown in from time to time.
  3.  Skill work: Since we will be running more and deloading from our normal strength cycles, we will use this opportunity to get more skill work in

Remember, be sure to log into your btwb app to view our daily WODS and log your scores!