Wednesday, January 24th CrossFit Open Details

The CrossFit Open and our Friday Night Lights are upon us and we encourage you to participate!  Below are the divisions that we will have at OUR Open.  These divisions are built to provide you a competitive experience that will allow you to both, have fun and of course compete.  We don’t want you to be in a division where you’re going to be stuck with a weight you can’t do or a movement you won’t be able to do.  Muscle-ups, Handstand push-ups and double-unders WILL be in the open so we want to make sure that if you don’t have those movements you are in a division which will allow you to scale those down.  Below are our divisions for the CrossFit Woodbridge Open.

Kids (12 and under)

Teens (Boy and Girl) 13 to 17yrs old

Men’s and Women’s RX’d

Men’s and Women’s Scaled

Masters (40+)

RX’d Divisions:  You will be performing the workout that CrossFit puts out on Thursday night.  If you would like to be in this division we highly recommend you can complete ring muscle-ups, Handstand push-ups, double unders, toes to bar as well as heavier Olympic lifting movements.

Scaled Divisions: To be in a scaled division you are usually completing our workouts at Level 1.  When CrossFit puts out the RX’d workout there will be the scaled options as well.  We will be sticking to those scaled options as a gym as well.  Now, if you are in the scaled divisions and the workout comes out and there are movements you still can not complete such as knees to elbows or pull-ups, we will make it happen for you.  We want everyone to be able to experience the Open so don’t fret if something comes out in the scaled workout you can quite do YET!  RX’d peeps….you’re RX’d!!

We want everyone to have fun.  We want everyone to go fast and feel the burn of the Open.

Sign-ups for Divisions and Shirts are now on the whiteboard.   Speak with a coach about any questions you may have.



16 Min Alternating EMOM

15 Cal Assault Bike

15 Wall-Balls

15 Sit-Ups

15 Push-Ups