Mon, March 27th

Congrats again to everyone who competed in this years Open.  Thank you to all those who came out to watch and support.

We are continuing on with our squat therapy this week.  Concentrate on feeling what your body is doing during your squat therapy.  Feel what happens when you first hinge your hips back, feel what happens when you push your knees out and what is going on with your ankles.  You body will tell you what you need to work on.  It may not be THE problem though.  There may be something going on elsewhere that is inhibiting movement so, if you don’t know or you’re not sure ask me.  Ask a coach and we will help you or find out what the answer is.

Train hard and have fun this week!


Back Squat 6×2 @ 85% of 1Rm


For time:

4 rounds

Run 400m

Row 500m