Sunday, March 25th

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who came out to Friday Night Lights this year.  I think that competition, no matter what level, brings out the best in ourselves and each other.  There is a certain gear that you find when you are competing and pushing yourself as hard as possible.  The excitement, energy and support was great to see each night.  Whether you participated to challenge yourself personally or you were in it to win it we all enjoyed watching you push hard and take yourself to a new level.  Thanks to our coaches that helped organize this event.  Believe it or not it’s isn’t as easy as just putting some people in a heat and hitting the clock.   We all appreciate the time and effort put in to put on a great Open this year.  Lastly, we’ve are awaiting results of the official scores for those who participated in the actual world wide open.  When we get the results of some of the top finishers we will post them.  Thanks again!


Hero WOD starts at 10am