Thursday, May 18th

Strength: No Touch Deadlift + Single Leg Glute Bridge E3MOM for 15 min (5 sets) 5 No Touch Deadlifts building from 50% of 1RM 10 Single Leg Glute Bridge/leg (body weight)

Strength: No Touch Deadlift means that we will perform our first rep normal, then all subsequent reps we’ll lower the bar to 1″ off the ground before pulling back up which will keep constant tension on our core and brace. Ensure you’re controlling the bar, shoulders and core tight. Immediately after we’ll perform 10 single leg glute bridges per leg. Preferred method will be to have upper back on a bench to increase range of motion, but this can be done laying on the ground as well.

3RFT (10 min cap) 30 DU/60 SU 10 Dual DB Box Step Ups 35/20 | 25/15 | 20/10 30 Sit Ups 10 Dual DB Front Squats 35/20 | 25/15 | 20/10

Workout – short burner, ensure we’re staying braced and moving unbroken with the lighter weight today. Reminder, sit ups RX is no arms, butterfly.