Wednesday, May 3rd

Conditioning: AMRAP Repeats AMRAP 5: 20 Single DB Box Step Over 50/35 | 35/20 | 25/10 24″/20″ 20 Toes To Bar | K2E | Knee Raise/Lying Leg Raise Max Calorie Bike OR Row Rest 3 minutes, repeat twice (3 total rounds) ****Must be on cardio piece of equipment by 3:30 each round or drop 5 reps of each for the following round****

Today we have Three 5 minute AMRAPs. Score will be total calories across the 3 rounds. Two notes: 1) If you do not finish your 20 box step overs AND TTB by 3:30, you must drop 5 reps of each for the following round and this must be notated with the score 2) Athlete can choose bike or row for today. Biking will make the step overs harder (legs) but will alleviate the grip fatigue of holding the DB and the rig. Rowing will alleviate some of the leg fatigue but add an additional grip element to deal with.

Accessory: 3 Rounds 8 Single Leg DB RDL/leg 50′ Single Arm DB Suitcase Carry each arm

Accessory: Stability and core superset. Use opposite arm to hold the weight from the working leg on the RDLs, keep the back foot pointed down and in to not let the hip rotate out externally. Suitcase carry should be heavy and performed slowly, with the focus on core bracing and not leaning either direction as you walk.