Thursday, April 27th

Strength: Barbell Overhead Forward Lunge + Body Weight Bulgarian Split Squats in 15 minutes, build to a heavy set of 6 (3/leg) BB overhead lunge ***After each set perform 8 Bulgarian Split Squats/leg***

Overhead lunges – wider grip is going to help those with mobility issues, but a more narrow grip will be stronger for overhead support. Ensure we keep the bar back over our neck, chest slightly down and through the bar so that bar doesn’t drift forward as we step back from our lunge. We’ll combine this with bulgarians today, but no weight required.

2RFT (12 min cap) 60 Air Squats 40 Stationary Lunges 20 Push Ups 10 Strict Pull Ups | banded | ring rows

Workout – body weight exercises today, but the squat and lunge combo will gas the legs before giving them a quick break on the push and pull ups.