Monday, April 24th

15 minutes to work briefly on HSPU, Pistol, and Pull up form/technique.

Due to the longer AMRAP, we’ll spend extra time before hand working on cleaning up (not teaching) the three movements in the WOD today. This will allow the coach to ensure athletes know their proper progressions for the WOD, or make the movements more efficient.

Mary with a Twist AMRAP 20 5 HSPU | 1-2 mats | Pike Push Ups 10 Alt Pistols | Pistol Progressions | goblet squats (53/35 | 35/26 | 26/18) 15 Pull Ups | Jumping/banded | ring rows ***Every 5 mnutes starting at 0:00 perform 500/400m row***

Workout – we’re going to take the workout “mary” for a spin today but were adding an every 5 minute row to the mix. This row should allow you to recover some of the muscular fatigue that will accumulate, but we don’t want to sandbag it or our reps we’ll drop significantly. Pick up where you left off in the AMRAP after the row is done.