Wednesday, April 19th

Holleyman 30 Rounds For Time: (30 min cap) 5 Wall Balls 20/14 | 14/10 | 10/6 3 HSPU | 1-2 mats | Pike Push Ups (performed on ground) 1 Power Clean 225/155 | 185/135 | 155/105

Today we’ll be taking a hero wod for a spin mid week. Keep a board handy to mark off your rounds. For the HSPU, our scale will be pike push ups performed with feet on ground, hips piked up and shoulders loaded. This will allow for quicker transitions then sitting down and getting situated for a z-press for only 3 reps. The power clean has scaling options, however athletes should go as heavy as possible for them to be able to perform and maintain one rep every 45-60 seconds at the weight. Example, if 225 is just a tad too heavy, 205 would be encouraged instead of 185.