Saturday, April 8th

Teams of 2 Hero WOD: CG 6535 (30 min cap) 4 Rounds for Time (bring vest if you have it) 400 meter Run (together 65 Air Squats 35 Burpee Pull-Ups | Burpees + Ring Rows | Burpee to target *Cash out – 100 push ups*

We’ll be performed a hero wod today as a team, which will also be great murph prep. Partners will run the 400m together, and split the rest of the reps however. mRx – if we do not have pull ups we can perform x reps of burpees followed by x reps of ring rows (I can do 10 burpees, then 10 ring rows, which would count for 10 reps). The tragic crash of U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter 6535 on February 28, 2012 resulted in the deaths of Lt. Cmdr. Dale Taylor, Lt. j.g. Thomas Cameron, Chief Petty Officer Fernando Jorge, and Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew Knight. A year after the crash, which occurred in Mobile Bay, Alabama, during a training flight, the U.S. Coast Guard designed this WOD to commemorate the loss of their shipmates. The rep scheme 65 and 35 signifies the number of the helicopter. Hence, it was originally called the 6535 memorial WOD. Within the Coast Guard aviation community, the workout was later changed to the “CG Aviation Workout to Remember” to honor all Coast Guard aviation members lost in the line of duty.