Wednesday, April 5th

For Time: 20 min cap 100 Lateral Burpee Over Row **Every 2 minutes starting at 0:00 complete 250/200m row

Conditioning: nothing fun about this one, but we’ll have to grind to get through it all. This should be treated as an alternating EMOM, with minute 1 on the rower, minute 2 grinding on our burpees. We need to consistently get 10 reps each time we get off the rower in order to make the time cap which may be challenging, so score is time or total reps at the 20 minute mark.

Accessory: 3 rounds 6-8 Bent Over Barbell Row 6-8 Barbell Ab Rollouts

Accessory: Combining our pulling strength and our core elements that we used on the rower into a superset. For the rows, use a clean + hook grip and go as heavy as possible with good form to complete the rep range.. For the roll outs, only roll out as far as you can maintain your brace and reinitiate the return with your abs, and not your shoulders.